It’s late!

The other day, when I told my Dad that I was starting to make christmas cake, he replied with an astonished (but teasing) ‘That’s a bit late!’
It’s the 29th October today and he’s right – I’m off schedule this year. I’ve been making christmas cakes for the last 4 years, a new tradition in our family! Usually they’ve already had their second or third feed by now but exams have put me back a few weeks on everything!

I’m making 2 christmas cakes this year – 1 for my family and 1 for Tim’s. I’m using a recipe from GoodFood called an As you like it christmas cake! This works really well as I’m intolerant to oranges but actually also really don’t like the taste/smell now.
I’ve got raisins, sultanas, cherries, currants, apricot, cranberries, walnut, hazelnut and Brazil nut alongside lemon juice and zest in my cakes! Recipe says to soak for one night – I soaked for 7! If nothing else the aromas were delicious. I’m looking g forward to feeding them now, but may need more brandy…ALOT more brandy…

Unfortunately when baking I couldn’t find any apron other than this…(which is my mums fault entirely)


Fortunately my new socks made up for that disaster!

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