Baby blanket

Today I went to my first baby shower. I was invited by a lovely lady from my team who’s due date is in December but we’re pretty sure she’s going to pop anytime!

For her gift I wanted to make a baby blanket. I struggled at first finding a quick pattern to make, but found a beautiful but easy pattern from Knitting Bee
I cast on 80stitches with 6mm needles, did a few rows of garter stitch and edged with 4 stitches each side of garter before doing pattern in middle. Eventual result is a blanket about 20x20inches which is hopefully a good size for car seats or prams.

I really enjoyed making this and might start making some in advance of future showers!



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  1. connie.n.w. says:

    this is so beautiful! i’m sure the baby will definitely enjoy this 🙂 this is great inspiration for me, for i’m just beginning on all this knitting stuff. connie

    1. sionagsiona says:

      Hi Connie
      If you’re just starting I recommend a copy of the knitting for dummies book. I used to have it constantly lying open for how to pick up stitches or join threads or things like that. It’s still open now fora cable pattern!

      1. connie.n.w. says:

        Hmm that’s a very good idea! I’ll probably pick up the book eventually. I’m also asking my mother for some lessons on it. 🙂

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