Lino printing

Armed with a lino printing kit for beginners (a brilliant christmas present), my thank you cards took a more creative twist this year.

For those who aren’t familiar with lino printing, it’s a way of making a relief based picture. You cut away the areas you don’t want and ink the remaining to create a picture. It’s all reversed when printed so more care is required for text.

My imagination isn’t great. I can draw from sight but not from my head. As the christmas tree was still up until the 6th Jan, I drew inspiration from this little man


I drafted out a plan and used a faithful sharpie to help colour in the parts I wanted to keep to gel me visualise the end result. I used tracing paper to trace the design on to the lino.

There are special tools for carving the lino and a practice piece is useful for testing first!
The lino ended up looking like this

I’m really pleased with the final product. The ink was easy to apply and it came out as expected!


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