More cake

The last few months have had a real cake focus to them!

I’m in a cake club at work. The rules are simple – each week somebody bakes a cake. They are marked on taste, texture, appearance and creativity. If you’re not prepared to bake one week, you don’t get to eat any cake.

The club has been going for about 2 months now and there’s been some serious ‘game upping’. As such I aimed high. Sky high. In fact into space!

I made a moon cake! The moon had a dark side, upon which sat Floyd. Pink Floyd on the dark side of the moon.



This was taken from this awesome tutorial spherical concentric layer cake
I haas tried to make a full round cake but the second half was under baked and it was too late to do another.

The layers came out well though- a chocolate layer, a lemon madeira and a red(ish) vanilla madeira



Unfortunately the chocolate one disappeared a little when carving!

I need to try again, but add more sugar syrup next time to make it a bit moister!

Almost forgot these: pistachio alien and chocolate asteroid macaroons


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