Mother’s Day – printed scarf

For Mother’s Day this year I decided I wanted to try out some new lino print skills to make a scarf for my mum.

I’m not the most imaginative. I can follow a pattern or a recipe or copy a picture but I’ve always found it difficult to come up with drawings from my own imagination. This therefore was a great achievement as this is my own design! Here’s the design on the lino before any cutting. IMG_2144.JPGWhen you start cutting the lino the design can end up being tweaked slightly when you realise some of the small fiddly details are just a bit too difficult.

As I wanted to block print onto fabric I mounted my lino onto a thin piece of wood to try to give it some stability and make it easier to handle (wood handily stolen from a wine box!). You can see the mounted block to the right of this photo.
The muslin came from ebay and was described as egyptian muslin. I washed it before printing then ironed to try to remove most of the creases.
Before printing with the Russian doll I created a striped lino and printed each end of the scarf with a contrasting colour.
For this project I used Speedball Fabric and Paper Fabric Printing inks. This dried pretty quickly (overnight to be dry to touch) but I left it over my bath for about a week. The ink just needed hot set with an iron.
After these I decided to replicate the flower from the middle of the Russian doll to give the scarf a bit more detail.
You can see that some of the dolls/flowers look a bit faded. This is where I either didn’t put enough ink on or didn’t press down on the block hard enough. I actually quite like the effect. IMG_2203-0.JPGIMG_2206.JPG
Whilst I didn’t quite get it finished in time for Mother’s Day, I took it home the next weekend I was home where hopefully my mum was actually pleased and not just being nice to me!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Annie grummett says:

    Mum was ‘actually pleased’. Love my scarf xx

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