First crochet project

In September I went to a granny squares crochet tutorial at Tea and Crafting. I’ve posted a review of it in an earlier post but wanted to reiterate how great the class is for newbies.

With the crochet bug, I started crocheting a granny square blanket. This is just one giant big granny square, rather than lots sewn together. This meant that as I worked on it and it got bigger, I could use it as a blanket myself to keep me warm whilst making it.

Top tips:
– This sucks up yarn. I started off with oddments of yarn and they disappeared quickly. I bought multiple extra balls, hence you’ll see that the colours shifted a bit throughout. If you’re desperate for similar colours throughout then buy at least 6 balls, prob more to be safe.
– Don’t worry if you go wrong. I skipped a corner by accident. I would struggle to find it now as it blends into pattern.
– there is no logic to what colour follows what, how many rounds of each nor how big blanket is. I just went for what looks best.
– the border takes up nearly a whole ball of yarn. The pattern is from this website

Here’s the finished result. A Christmas present for Pam, Tim’s grandma who is very pleased with the blanket (as you can see)!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane says:

    Siona that is a beautiful blanket – a granny square blanket for your granny I love it! Great colour combination too.

  2. Clare says:

    Gorgeous! You should have seen grandma’s face when she opened the parcel! Had I known what was inside I would have had the camera ready!!

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