For our wedding we had decided we just wanted it to be relaxed and not too formal. Flowers seem to be one of the biggest costs at a wedding which seems a little silly given they don’t last long!

My mum made my bouquet and some smaller ones for bridesmaids. She also made some corsages for herself and other female members of family.

Photo by Jack Fillery
Photo by Jack Fillery
Photo by Jack Fillery
Photo by Jack Fillery

Whilst a floral table decoration is traditional, I wanted something a little different. So I started crocheting flowers. My previous crochet experience has been only through granny squares which I only learnt how to do via a Tea and Crafting course last September (See blog post here). For Christmas I made a giant granny square blanket (See here). After Christmas I started making flowers with no real intent other than to try and continue enhancing my crochet skills. I quickly decided to buy some more colourful wool and to make some flowers for the wedding. I roped in my mum who also helped make a large amount of the flowers.

Photo by Jack Fillery

The colour of the flowers were chosen with no other thought than to have some nice bright cheery colours. I wrapped floral/garden wire around each flower then with some help from my lovely bridesmaid Olivia, bunched them up together. They went into empty Corona beer bottles, the labels of which were not easily removed and therefore were covered up with ribbon.

To make the flowers/leaves:
For leaf tutorial and a good method for sewing up the flowers visit:

The flowers were incredibly quick to make and pretty easy.

I genuinely cannot remember where I got the flower pattern from and can’t find the link again.

The below is all in UK crochet terms.

  • Ch = chain
  • DC = double crochet (US – single crochet)
  • TR = treble (US – double crochet)
  • HTR = half treble (US – half double crochet)
  • DTR = double treble (US – triple crochet)
  • Sl St = slip stitch

Details of difference between UK and US crochet and what the stitches are here

I used a cotton DK yarn. I prefer the weight of a DK yarn and liked the look and feel of cotton for this project. Normal acrylic DK would also be fine. I used a 3.5, 4 and 4.5 hooks dependent on what was closest that day. The bigger the hook, the bigger the flower. I did experiment with some lighter yarns and smaller hooks but thought they were too small. Best thing is to try one and see if you like it!

First chain approx 31 stitches. I varied between 27 – 31 dependent on how I felt. Less stitches = less petals = smaller flower.

Row 1: Work a double crochet in the second chain from the hook, chain 2, skip 1 chain then work another double crochet in the next chain.

If you end up with an extra chain at the end then don’t worry. It will just get absorbed into the flower at the end when you’re sewing up.

There are 7 different petal types to choose from. When you’re feeling a bit more confident you could make up your own too.

Petal 1: Ch 1, 4 HTR, Ch 1. Sl st. All done in same chain loop.

Petal 2: Ch 1, 6 HTR, Ch1, Sl St. All done in same chain loop.

Petal 3: Ch 1, 5 Tr, Ch 1, Sl St. All done in same chain loop.

Petal 4: Ch 2, 5 Tr, Ch 1, Sl St. All done in same chain loop.

Petal 5: Ch 1, 3 TR, 1 DC, 3 TR, Ch 1, Sl St. All done in same chain loop.

Petal 6: Ch 2, 5 DTR, Ch 2, Sl St. All done in same chain loop.

Petal 7: Ch 2, 3 DTR, 1 HTR, 3 DTR, Ch2, Sl St. All done in same chain loop.

You can do these petals in any order you want. I preferred to do petal 1 about 3 times, then petal 2 a few times, then mix between petals 3-5, before you get to the last 3 or 4 where mix between the taller petals of 6 and 7.

At the end just pull the yarn through the last stitch and then leave a tail. Wind the flower around and shape it as you would like to. Weave the needle in and out the stitches and through the opposite side, trying to capture all layers of the flower. Do a few times. The blog posted above gives a good view too.

To add wire I just used florist wire and looped a bit through the bottom of the yarn on each flower then looped around the wire again to keep together. To make a bunch I just gathered up the wired flowers and looped extra wire around each ‘stalk’ to keep them together. If I wanted to make it prettier I could have added florist tape around too, or even more green yarn stuck with a bit of hot glue.

I’m really proud of these, I think they looked fantastic and were worth the effort. Thanks also to ma who helped crochet the flowers and Liv for bunching them together.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mum says:

    It was a pleasure. I also learnt a couple of new skills. Ta for letting me help xxxx

  2. sarucrochet30 says:

    Love the flowers…I can see people’s names on the napkins…did you stitch them too? It’s nice when there is a homemade element in a wedding xx

    1. Siona says:

      Hi, thanks for your kind comments. The name settings were wire wrapped with wool. I’ll do another post on those soon!

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