Crochet Baby Blanket

For about a year now I’ve had so many different projects on the go that I’ve never actually finished any. I made myself a promise to finish some projects before I started any more.

Here’s one of the finished items. I only learnt how to crochet 2 years ago, yet here I am making full blankets, with a variety of stitches.

For a baby blanket I wanted to make something that was durable enough to just be thrown into the washing machine, yet was bold, bright and exciting.

I used a pattern found on pinterest (link here) which included a really great video and clear step by step instructions to the stitches required here.

I liked that I went wrong a few times, there’s some rows longer than others by accident and I swapped from back to front occasionally, but the blanket still looks great.

I hope the recipient likes it!

N.B. All my yarn is purchased from Avicraft Wool on Chatterton Road, Bromley. Thankfully only a few minutes walk from my house but also has an online store


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  1. The creative pixie says:

    It looks great, lovely colours.

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