Top projects of 2018 – Knit / Crochet / Sew

Following on from the top cakes of 2018 post, here’s the other projects from 2018 that I actually remember to take a photo of. That part is crucial as I am always making something, yet only seem to have a few photos. Top resolution for 2019 = always take photos.

As before, here are my favourite (aka only things I have photos of) projects of 2018. If anyone finds something I’ve made for them and it’s not featured then please let me know! Again in no particular order.


1. Baby knits

I’m a big fan of this pattern. It’s came from Ravelry and is called a Puerperium Cardigan.

It’s knitted on circular needles, although is a straight knit. These needles are nice as it means it’s a bit easier to knit and means no seams.

This is the smallest size but they give details on how to make bigger sizes. I’ve made many versions of this, most recently actually taking my wool and needles on the train and knitting on my commute.

I’m a particularly big fan of the little wooden star buttons on this one.

2. Crochet toys

I have always enjoyed knitting or crocheting toys. This is the bunny rabbit from the Edward’s Menagarie book


This is a great book that I have used many many times. I love the freedom of choosing what colours I want to use, whilst having an easy and quick pattern.

This one used a Paintbox Chunky Yarn pot, to give the various colours. I purchased this from Love Knitting who usually have a sale on and also package their yarn in lovely little bags which are great for storing projects on the go. I usually like to shop local and visit Avicraft Wool on Chatterton Road in Bromley for my yarn. I do however quite like the colours of the paintbox range which I get through love knitting.

This toy was for my lovely Cousin Rachel and her firstborn, with child for size on this toy!!

3. Sewing

The next was a Christening gift for my new goddaughter. I wanted to try and think up something memorable and a bit of a keepsake.

The inspiration for this very much comes from Brynn & Co with a tweak for my own needs. I sketched out first, transferred onto plain cotton and used satin stitch throughout to sew. It didn’t take long, yet looks effective and I was pleased with end result.

4. Knitted blanket

This is a special one as it’s for my very first Nibling (which I’m reliably informed is the term for a Niece or Nephew). Due Feb, but I gifted this at Christmas so it’s no longer a surprise.


There are absolutely loads of variations of patterns on this, just google sheep blanket. I however just guessed and worked it out. The sheep are in a slightly fluffy wool and the green is designed to be gender neutral, whilst also a bit chirpy. I’ve been knitting with grey so much recently that it was very nice to use a much brighter colour.


5. Wedding Bunting – Order of Ceremony

This one I was super pleased with. I made metres upon metres of bunting for my sister-in-laws wedding, but at the last minute organised some order or ceremony bunting for the reception venue.

This was just t-shirt iron on transfer paper not already made bunting, but looked really effective and I was very pleased with the result.

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