Phone/kindle cases

Over the last few years I have made quite a few phone cases. The first was for my HTC legend – 3 and a half years ago. I knitted this up quickly using rainbow yarn and then lined with felt. Since then I’ve changed to an iphone, yet the very same case has carried on….

Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day a few years ago I became adventurous and embraced lace knitting! I made a toiletries / make up bag using a king cole sequin yarn. Pattern was from Elizabeth Jarvis and there are a few other items in the collection including an iPad case. Pattern available here First tip: lace and sequins…

Mabel’s jumper

When my friend Caroline got a new little dog, one of the first things she asked me was for a jumper for the winter. I can’t remember which pattern I used, but it involved a lot if Internet searching to find it. Essentially this is knitted flat, the width is the dog’s waist measurement. The…

Birthday card

This is a cross stitch birthday card I made for my mum last year. The image was taken from a google image search. The bunting was cut out of an old card and hung on with wool.

Easter egg

We’ve spent the last few easter breaks with my auntie and uncle. This has brought the introduction to us of painting Easter eggs prior to rolling them down a big hill (if in Cornwall) or flinging them (in the Fens). This year my cousin and I went for a Christmas theme – he painted a…


Attached are attempts at some card making. The purple one is a papercut graduation card. This was my first papercut, so I was pretty pleased! The other is a chicken made out of felt for my boyfriends mum’s birthday. Each are easy to make. For papercut just pencil on what you want to cut out,…

Tim’s bake off

Here’s a ‘made by Tim, supervised by Siona’ Tim made this pie for a bake off in his office and actually make it himself this year! The recipe was taken from BBCGoodFood website (my source for all recipes): Chicken and Stuffing Picnic Pie Just one slice was saved for me but it was delicious!

Learning to paint with acrylics

For my dads christmas present last year, I bought him an acrylic painting lesson. I thought it was an all day workshop for beginners where we’d pick up the general basic technique. Instead it was a bit of a free for all and we didn’t learn a huge amount. Although the best lesson of the…


This is for a colleague leaving a few years ago. The chocolate base is just Victoria sponge, incl cocoa. I made a chocolate buttercream icing then decorated with marshmallows. Needless to say end result went down very well and colleague was very pleased!

Patchwork quilt

For Christmas 2012 I embarked on what turned out to be a giant project. I decided to make a quilt for my boyfriends sister, who adores all things chintzy. At this point I was still lucky to be living off Goldhawk Road so had a great supply of cheap fabrics and quilting materials. The photos…

Woolly wreaths

Another set of Christmas presents! Using foam rings from hobbycraft at £1.25 each and leftover strands of wool, felt and baubles I have one of these to my mum who was very pleased! Instructions on how to make may follow later in the year when I make up some more!


Another Jean Greenhowe pattern. I started this in Jan 2011 after receiving the pattern book and some toy wool as a present. It took about 9months but now comes out every christmas.

Knitted Santa

Here are photos of the Santa Claus I made for my brother Scott and his girlfriend Olivia for Christmas 2012. I used a Jean Greenhowe pattern and actually knitted most of this whilst on holiday in Spain. We went away whilst Euro 2012 was on, so this is how I spent my evenings!