Easter egg

We’ve spent the last few easter breaks with my auntie and uncle. This has brought the introduction to us of painting Easter eggs prior to rolling them down a big hill (if in Cornwall) or flinging them (in the Fens). This year my cousin and I went for a Christmas theme – he painted a…


Attached are attempts at some card making. The purple one is a papercut graduation card. This was my first papercut, so I was pretty pleased! The other is a chicken made out of felt for my boyfriends mum’s birthday. Each are easy to make. For papercut just pencil on what you want to cut out,…

Tim’s bake off

Here’s a ‘made by Tim, supervised by Siona’ Tim made this pie for a bake off in his office and actually make it himself this year! The recipe was taken from BBCGoodFood website (my source for all recipes): Chicken and Stuffing Picnic Pie Just one slice was saved for me but it was delicious!

Learning to paint with acrylics

For my dads christmas present last year, I bought him an acrylic painting lesson. I thought it was an all day workshop for beginners where we’d pick up the general basic technique. Instead it was a bit of a free for all and we didn’t learn a huge amount. Although the best lesson of the…


This is for a colleague leaving a few years ago. The chocolate base is just Victoria sponge, incl cocoa. I made a chocolate buttercream icing then decorated with marshmallows. Needless to say end result went down very well and colleague was very pleased!

Patchwork quilt

For Christmas 2012 I embarked on what turned out to be a giant project. I decided to make a quilt for my boyfriends sister, who adores all things chintzy. At this point I was still lucky to be living off Goldhawk Road so had a great supply of cheap fabrics and quilting materials. The photos…

Woolly wreaths

Another set of Christmas presents! Using foam rings from hobbycraft at £1.25 each and leftover strands of wool, felt and baubles I have one of these to my mum who was very pleased! Instructions on how to make may follow later in the year when I make up some more!


Another Jean Greenhowe pattern. I started this in Jan 2011 after receiving the pattern book and some toy wool as a present. It took about 9months but now comes out every christmas.

Knitted Santa

Here are photos of the Santa Claus I made for my brother Scott and his girlfriend Olivia for Christmas 2012. I used a Jean Greenhowe pattern and actually knitted most of this whilst on holiday in Spain. We went away whilst Euro 2012 was on, so this is how I spent my evenings!